Rugged UPS and Power Protection Solutions
for Defence Applications

Providers of AC & DC Power Solutions for Defence – Military UPS &  Naval UPS systems for 20+ years.

Our extensive product range consists of:

  • Standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) UPS
  • COTS UPS with simple modifications (Ruggedised UPS)
  • Custom designed and manufactured rugged UPS systems to meet with customers issued
    specifications. Tested to exactly meet your requirements (detailed specifications
    include the relevant DEFSTAN (00-35|59-41) and MIL-STD approvals)
  • Deployable Case Mounted Solutions
  • Choice of connections
  • Different Battery Technologies

We can supply systems to suit your Military UPS requirement for space, size, weight, installation
and applications… Form-Fit-Function.

Rugged IPXX Enclosures, designed for long life, easy to maintain UPS systems.

AC / AC, AC / DC Rectifiers, DC / AC Inverters, DC / DC Converters

We provide full logistics support including spares, repair and service. (ILS – CLS)