Custom UPS and Power Protection Solutions
for the Water & Utility Sector

UPS Solutions for clean and dirty water treatment sites

Harland Simon designs, supplies and manufactures a range of UPS specifically for SCADA systems and applications within the water and sewage industries.

These products comply with the various detailed customer specifications pertaining to ingress protection, construction, connectivity, distribution, build standards, quality, reliability and availability.

All UPS systems are in full compliance with WIMES 3.07.

UPS Systems are used to provide critical emergency back up power for the specified time required 5 mins to 24 hours.  (SCADA ups, Actuators, Controls) external IP 54 enclosures or can be fit within your MCC panels.

The Harland ProtectUPS®– I range of ruggedised power protection solutions has been designed for the typical damp/wet and extreme temperature conditions found at the majority of these utility sites and can be manufactured to IP21, IP32, IP42, IP54 and beyond – floor standing and wall hung options are available.